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Mountain_Biking's Journal

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1st April 2008

cobalt_sky11:00pm: If anyone want to help out...
Cleveland Freeride Trail Fund Raiser !!!Read more...Collapse )

14th October 2007

axessdenyd7:05am: Anyone else planning to go to the Southern Illinois Fat Tire Festival?

Free beer (with registration)!


19th September 2007

mrcrash6:20pm: The Latest and Greatest takes on Old Faithful - the Showdown

A few months ago, I picked up a 2007 Specialized Enduro SL Comp to replace my trusty 2004 Cannondale Jekyll 800. With more travel, less weight, I figured it made sense. People were raving about it in different reviews - with a price tag of almost $3000, my expectations were high.

( Read more... )

8th September 2007

axessdenyd1:36pm: I would just like to state that I hate being the first one on the trails in a week.

Spiders are NOT my friends.  At all.  In the least bit.  Ever.

5th May 2007

inspirethepeace4:55pm: Locks
Good day bikers,
My husband and I just bought brand new bikes so I dug out my bike lock from a box.
Its a 'sportek u-lock'.

Here is my question - Are all the U-locks pickable? And how can I tell if mine will be good for keeping my bike safe?

I am asking this because awhile back it was found that the Kryptonite u-lock bike locks could be picked with a bic-pen. I tried it on mine but it doesn't open it. Then it turns out the pens needs cuts in it or whatever.
So my lock has little like teetch in it, and my key is more than just a circle key so i'm wondering if this lock is more secure than those kryptonite ones.

Thanks for the help!

30th April 2007

ianrox12:59pm: THREE HOURS TO GO!
So I need to know; can anyone tell me the advantages of an external floodgate over an internal floodgate for a suspension fork? I mean, clearly an external floodgate would be easier to adjust because you wouldn't have to take the fork apart, but honestly I'm not even entirely sure what a floodgate does. From the name, I would assume that it regulates the blowoff pressure of the fork, but I honestly don't know.

If you're wondering, this has to do with a fork for my Voodoo. It currently has a Marzocchi MX Pro (totally sucky fork), and I'm planning on upgrading to either a Reba or a White Brothers fork. I called my boss today, and he said that the Reba Race (the one with external floodgate adjustment) is out of stock, but the Reba SL is in stock. Additionally, I think the Race comes with a Poploc remote. But yeah, the order has to be in by 4:00 EST today. And did I mention that I have a race on Sunday? Talk about waiting until the last minute.

I might tough it out with the crappy fork (although I do like the travel adjustment that allows me to bring down the front end for climbing), and wait and order a White Brothers Magic 29er fork, but my only beef with that fork is that it has no lockout, only the "Intelligent Magnetic Valve" thing.

In summary, I'd love any feedback from anyone who has experience in the Reba Race vs. Reba SL vs. White Brothers Magic fork. And don't say anything about a Maverick fork; I already got a custom wheelset. I'm kicking myself for not ordering one of the Hope Pro II hubs that can go from 9mm QR to 20mm thru or 24mm thru. That would be AWESOME. Next time.

21st March 2007

ianrox6:21pm: A Logical Series of Questions
Does anyone live in Scotland/the UK? Does anyone live in Scotland/the UK and own a single speed mountain bike? Does anyone live in Scotland/the UK, own a single speed mountain bike, and plan to go to the 2007 Single Speed World Championships in Aviemore? I thought about it, and realistically I think I could make it over (from Philadelphia) for the race. I was at the SSWC in '05, and it was awesome.

It would be really super totally awesome if you could help put me up for a night or two as well. I'd want to see the rest of the country whilst over yonder.

11th March 2007

xherbivorex7:53pm: bike porn

7.30am, sunday march 11th 2007 at chorlton water park, manchester, england.
"love me, love my bike", as the tshirt says... and yes, i own said tshirt (thanks to notmarcie)...


3rd March 2007

netlon11:19am: mb'ing good for a cold?
so the weather is perfect and i'm just somewhat recovering from a cold - is it good, physically, to go on a mountain bike ride?

i'm not planning on any technicals, or anything too strenuous.
Current Mood: cold

28th August 2006

0utd00r9:01pm: Sprockids Kids riding Bob's trail Rock
Here is a video of me teaching or at least inspiring teenage boys to ride a difficult rock on a local trail. These boys tried several times before succeeding. They did not give up. They had will and determination. I'm proud of these boys, and raced with one last week at the State Championship.

27th August 2006

cobalt_sky11:37am: I fornd this, RAYS vidieo!

1st July 2006

I love working at Ray's MTB

30th June 2006

cobalt_sky3:03am: Today was a good day...

28th June 2006

cobalt_sky10:53pm: Booooooooooo!
I keep destroying bikes like it my job!
My Mountain Cycle San Andreas is the new victim!

27th June 2006

cobalt_sky4:36pm: So I went out to find some new trails to day, I have ben hearing roomoers about trails in Lorain Co for some time, I didn't find much, but I did find a place called Cascade Park.

Me at the falls...
My Mountain Cycle San Andreas

22nd June 2006

kylec7:25pm: Could use a little help upgrading my ride!

I've got a '96 or so Cannondale M800 that I am looking to upgrade. It currently has Deore LX Rapidfire shifters/levers, and no front suspension. It also has "CODA" Cantilever brakes.

I'm looking at getting a suspension fork for it, but from what I can gather, since everyone switched over to v-brakes years ago, that I might have to end up upgrading my brakes in order to use a new fork.

My question is, if I buy a new fork, and new brakes, will I have to upgrade my shifters/levers as well? I am from the days before gripshift, so my rapidfire shifters are also my brake levers.

I've read that when moving to v-brakes, older cantilever levers don't have enough pull.

Comments would be appreciated!


7th June 2006

danzr4ever1:45pm: Mountain Biking Community
Hey, introducing myself. I'm the lowly intern told to go strike up interest for a new web community based websites for lovers of mountain biking.
Anyway, i'm trying hard to word this in a way that doesn't sound like spam, I think i'm failing, sorry about that. *sweatdrop* But I am a real person, i will respond to questions, ect

The site is http://www.yourmtb.com/ or http://YourMountainbiking.com if you'd rather. There are places for people to share mountain biking related photos, videos, and stories. As there aren't a lot of people there right now. They will donate $5 to international Mountain Biking Association if you post a picture of yourself mountain biking.

And they are always running contests for posting content. At the moment the main contest is for a GravityDropper seatpost, for submitting video, and/or an awesome photograph of a biker with air. For more info on the contests they have right now visit: http://www.yourmtb.com/contests

Ummm, *thinks if there is anything she forgot* There are no costs, and if you provide an address when you register, I get to send you a bumper sticker. =D
Current Mood: anxious

29th May 2006

cobalt_sky12:32am: Alum creek
Me and some buddys drove down to Alum Creek today from Cleveland Ohio, Good day to ride!

This was a big ass tree ride, you can't tell, but it’s about 7 feet off the ground, I was the only one that made it across the whole way... I won’t lie, it scary as fuck!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We did about 20 miles today on my double black diamond Soooo not a XC bike, FUN FUN! But I think I need a XC bike, well an AM would be better for me, and I still would like it to be a wee bit FR... But not weighing 45lbs.

24th April 2006

ianrox11:53am: Does anyone live within a reasonable distance of State College, PA? Since the SSWC is in Europe this year, and the guy who put on the SSWCU or whatever the race was before is swamped with college/whatever, I was thinking of getting a group ride out that way sometime over the summer. There's free camping, and for those of you who don't know, the trails are sweet. Long climbs, some fast fire road downhills, some technical rocky downhills, and a sweet mountain ridge that is great for moderate technical riding.

4th April 2006

cobalt_sky9:16pm: It's all down hill from here! X post
So to day Gary and I went to the secret down hilling spot and did some building and trail maintains
Image hosting by Photobucket
Before we stared.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me working on "Shawn's Drop Of DOOOOM!!!!", I know it's a corny name, but I'm still a Goth kid at hart!

Image hosting by Photobucket
And after, we still need to work on the top part of the hill, but we will get r done!

30th March 2006

I'm sure most everyone is aware that daylight savings time draws nigh. Sunday, in fact. While we may lose an hour of sleep, we will finally get enough daylight for evening MTB rides, and that means that the Thursday night Belmont Plateau rides are back! If you're not familiar with the ride, it's been taking place for the past 17(?) years at Philadelphia's Belmont Plateau, located right off of I-76. It's an easy bike ride from the city, so you should all make it out! Meet up starting at 6:00, and ride at 6:30. GET PSYCHED!

21st March 2006

ianrox3:00pm: Rebuilding
Does anyone have any tips for rebuilding disc calipers? Specifically a Magura Louise FR, a little older than the next brake.

20th March 2006

cobalt_sky12:37am: DH in OH?
You know it!
New DH at Vulture's Knob in Wooster Ohio!
Here is some more info!
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