j1m (coolerbythelake) wrote in mountain_biking,

Hello All,

I'm very very new to mountain biking, but I've been riding on the road very frequently for a little over a year. I bought a cyclocross bike this past fall, just after 'cross season was over, and now I have some friends who want to do the 24-hours of nine-mile mountain bike race near Wausau, Wisconsin.

I don't really have enough money for a mountain bike right now, and so I'm wondering what you'd think about me doing this race on a cyclocross bike. I was thinking of selling my cross bike for a mountain bike, but my biking buddies say that I could just put a MTB casette on the rear, and that should give me enough gearing. I could also get the widest tires possible for a 'cross bike . . .

Let me know what all you think about this. Do you think I could do this race on the 'cross bike?
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