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So I have 2 forks on the way!

2004 Marzocchi Jr T for the Mongoose Black Diamond Double !


MARZOCCHI 66 VF '05 for the Mountain Cycle San Andreas!

Thank you Gary for the hook up!

You rock!
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DVD Review

I bought the Downhill/variety-of-other-bike-stunts DVD called Earthed 2 for my boyfriend's son's 16th birthday, and I am writing to report that it was a major hit!
Great video- even to someone like me who doesn't know half of what they are doing or what kind of bikes they are riding. The aforementioned son could identify the make and model of the forks on the bikes in 2 seconds of bumpy footage, and I couldn't even tell if the cyclist was a guy or a girl. Anyhow, 82 minutes of good videography, tasteful variety of music, gorgeous scenery, and Sweet Jumps.
Have a great spring!
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Hello All,

I'm very very new to mountain biking, but I've been riding on the road very frequently for a little over a year. I bought a cyclocross bike this past fall, just after 'cross season was over, and now I have some friends who want to do the 24-hours of nine-mile mountain bike race near Wausau, Wisconsin.

I don't really have enough money for a mountain bike right now, and so I'm wondering what you'd think about me doing this race on a cyclocross bike. I was thinking of selling my cross bike for a mountain bike, but my biking buddies say that I could just put a MTB casette on the rear, and that should give me enough gearing. I could also get the widest tires possible for a 'cross bike . . .

Let me know what all you think about this. Do you think I could do this race on the 'cross bike?