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Mountain_Biking's Journal

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20th March 2006

iamtheyeti8:38am: It's been raining here on Kauai for the past week and a half. So,today I decided to go check out my favorite local trails,and see how they were holding up...

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13th March 2006

cobalt_sky1:20pm: HOT DAMN!
cobalt_sky5:25am: Ok..
So I have 2 forks on the way!

2004 Marzocchi Jr T for the Mongoose Black Diamond Double !


MARZOCCHI 66 VF '05 for the Mountain Cycle San Andreas!

Thank you Gary for the hook up!

You rock!

9th March 2006

planegirl7:21pm: DVD Review
I bought the Downhill/variety-of-other-bike-stunts DVD called Earthed 2 for my boyfriend's son's 16th birthday, and I am writing to report that it was a major hit!
Great video- even to someone like me who doesn't know half of what they are doing or what kind of bikes they are riding. The aforementioned son could identify the make and model of the forks on the bikes in 2 seconds of bumpy footage, and I couldn't even tell if the cyclist was a guy or a girl. Anyhow, 82 minutes of good videography, tasteful variety of music, gorgeous scenery, and Sweet Jumps.
Have a great spring!

2nd March 2006

ickleoriental4:52pm: woopie!
Image hosting by Photobucket

23rd February 2006

coolerbythelake3:43pm: Hello All,

I'm very very new to mountain biking, but I've been riding on the road very frequently for a little over a year. I bought a cyclocross bike this past fall, just after 'cross season was over, and now I have some friends who want to do the 24-hours of nine-mile mountain bike race near Wausau, Wisconsin.

I don't really have enough money for a mountain bike right now, and so I'm wondering what you'd think about me doing this race on a cyclocross bike. I was thinking of selling my cross bike for a mountain bike, but my biking buddies say that I could just put a MTB casette on the rear, and that should give me enough gearing. I could also get the widest tires possible for a 'cross bike . . .

Let me know what all you think about this. Do you think I could do this race on the 'cross bike?

18th February 2006

xherbivorex10:42am: my new ride for 2006

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9th February 2006

ianrox1:34pm: For the big and tall...

29ers for the masses! Word on the web is that the price on this is $469.00. A new Karate Monkey or Soma Juice frame will cost you almost that much. Of course, it weighs 27 pounds, but at that price who cares? It seems to be pretty well spec'd (I have a pair of WTB Exiwolfs on my Karate Monkey - awesome tires. Rocks won't shred 'em.), so it's a steal. If you're only riding a 26" wheeled bike, now you have no excuse not to try a 29er.

1st February 2006

schmako6:27pm: I want one!
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31st January 2006

cpiseco8:44pm: Hola.
Hey all,

New to the community here. Just wanted to give a shout. My name is Rich, and I'm kinda an old school Hardtailer.

Here's my latest pick-up!

'06 Gary Fisher Marlin

Can't wait to upgrade the components. >=)

Nothing says I love you like a Genesis Geometry frame.

29th January 2006

xherbivorex10:27am: what i've been aquiring lately.....
Frame: 2006 Cove Stiffee FR 15"
Fork: 2004 Rockshox Psylo XC u-turn
Headset: FSA Pig DH Pro
Crankarms: Truvativ Hussefelt
Chainring: Middleburn solid DH ring 38T
B/B: RaceFace Evolve FR
Pedals: DMR V12
Chain: SRAM PC58
Cassette: Shimano CS-HG50 8 speed (11-32)
Chain guide: E.13 SRS East Coast
Rear Mech: SRAM x.7
Shifter: SRAM x.7 trigger
Handlebar: Easton EA50 high riser bar (31.8mm)
Stem: Easton Vice 50mm
Grips: ODI lock on (ruffian)
Brakes: 2005 Magura Julie
Front hub: Shimano M475 disc
Rear hub: Shimano M475 disc
Spokes: Stainless 14g
Tyres: Tioga factory DH 2.1 (soon to be maxxis minion DH instead)
Rims: Alex DM24
Saddle: WTB power v race
Seatpost: Kona double thumb
Seat clamp: Kona QR

i 'butchered' my 2004 kona shred to get some (obvious) parts; wheels, cranks, seatpost.... i'll see how they last before replacing them, but i'm quite excited bout this bike. should get it from the shop today.

27th February 2006

cobalt_sky3:29am: Rays!
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16th January 2006

ickleoriental10:28am: back to the mud
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After a two or three month hiatus, Andrew made it back onto the trail this morning.

He was supposed to be at a golf game, but it got called off last minute. And was only good news for him, since he'd only just picked up his brand new 29-er last night. He was horrified when I said he ought to call it 'Gandalf' or 'The White Wizard', since it looked like mine but bigger. So he's decided to call it 'the monster truck' because of his hugeass wheels and great roll over rocks and holes. This, too, was my first ride at BT in a long while. I was worried my injury would play up, so I kept in my granny for most of the climbs and took it pretty easy. The rain over the past few days soaked the earth and we had to contend with moving over a lot of sticky mud.

I felt incredibly alive on the trail today.

Wasn't used to the strength needed for BT so my heart pumped at lightning speed as I went up each climb. Each time I got to the top of each one, my heart and head would pound with great effort, but before I could get used to it or catch my breath, I'd hit a descent and the adreneline would kick my arse. Amazing. I miss that feeling! The air under the canopy was fresh and wonderful and I couldn't help but whooop everytime I got a 'hit'. Coupla boo boo's though - my bar ends got caught in a vine when I was negotiating a narrow turn in the singletrack segment, so I took a bit of a spill. I was thankful no one had seen me :p Also, my rear wheel caught a mudhole when we were heading to T15, but I managed to regain my balance somehow. This dude behind me faltered when he saw me slide and when I escaped unscathed, he cheered me on somewhat with a 'good save!'

All in all, it was a wicked ride. I think Wayne enjoyed himself as well, and I just wish Angie would have come and taken Orangela out for a spin! Maybe next time eh!?

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10th January 2006

rocketdisc10:49pm: Kokopelli's Trail?
Hey y'all,

I'm planning to ride Kokopelli's trail (from Fruita to Moab) this year. We would like to do the trip self-supported (no water or food drops, take everything in trailers/saddlebags). Has anyone done it before? If so, would you mind if I picked your brain for some info?

email: stormypetrel-at-riseup-dot-net


(x-posted to mba)
cobalt_sky4:11pm: Cleveland?
Anyone here from cleveland?

If so I'll be up at Rays MTB tonight.


20th December 2005

ianrox9:25pm: Collegiate Cycling
If any regular readers here have ever attended or currently attends the Community College of Philadelphia, then it's not news to you that the school has no cycling club. As an avid cyclist, I intend to change that. I plan to form an organization in the school with the directed purpose of competing in the ECCC (Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference) circuit, which includes PA, DE, NJ, NY, NH, CT, RI, MA, VT, and ME. As an individual, I focus on cross-country racing, but I want to include every type of competitive cycling (road, time trialing, criterium, BMX, downhill, dual slalom, track, etc.). I have already contacted representatives from the ECCC, and they are very enthusastic about including new clubs in their organization. Furthermore, Drew Guldalian, the owner of Wissahickon Cyclery, is fervent about cycling advocacy, and as such agreed to becoming a sponsor of this team. If any of you are currently attending CCP and are interested in bike racing (or would like to become a part of the sport), then please contact me! Additionally, if any of you have ever raced at the collegiate level (especially if you helped found a cycling club anywhere), I would love to hear some advice. Thanks!

11th December 2005

ianrox7:53pm: Quick question
Does anyone who regularly reads this community partake in any freeriding/dirtjumping/trials around Philadelphia?

10th December 2005

rocketdisc5:41pm: I just need to gush about my new bike and the ride I did today.

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henrys_ashes9:23am: What is this?
A few months ago, there were brush fires in an area that I often ride.

As trail markers have been replaced, I've also noticed some additional markings (see picture below), presumably put there by hikers or bikers. Can anyone tell me what they mean?

Trail marker
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9th December 2005

ianrox1:23am: After doing a little bit of introductory trials riding last Sunday, I have discovered that hydraulic disc brakes do not suck as much as I thought they did. I got extremely responsive one-fingered braking with no resistance (granted, the brakes were bled with antifreeze) that lead me to believe that my XC riding would benefit from a nice pair of hydros. My only previous experience with a hydraulic disc brake was with a shitty Formula brake that was just... shitty. I still plan on keeping my mechanical discs on my SS Karate Monkey, but I'm going to start shopping around for some hydros to put on my geared XC race bike for next season. That being said, does anyone have anything nice to say about specific brakes? Particularly the Avid Juicy 7s and 5s, the Hayes HFX 9s, and the Magura Martas?

12th October 2005

henrys_ashes9:13am: Random photo
What happens when you fall off your bike and land on your water bottle.


That shirt will never be the same again!
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