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Confidence Building

Hi, I am new to the list and looking for some advice. Most of my cycling time is spent being a Roadie (don't hit me!) but lately I have been mountain bike riding about once a week. Riding the trails had me nervous from day one, but in the first months of summer I made a lot of progress and started attempting and successfully riding the "scarier" parts of the trail.
Then, one evening in July I had a horrible ride with my boyfriend and his friends in which they went bombing downhill and I went crashing downhill, and I ended up walking 2 hours home bleeding and dragging my bike along behind me. Now to his credit, the BF waited very patiently and was very encouraging, but I was so shaken up that I didn't stop hyperventilating until about midnight. And then I got up at 4am and went to work.
Since that nasty little episode I can't breathe normally while riding downhill because I am so nervous. I don't mind climbing, except that I know I have to turn around and descend, and I am seriously freaked out by riding single track with any sort of drop or precipice off to one side. I end up walking a lot, and the more miles I walk the worse I feel about my (lack of) progress and my (lack of) confidence.
GAH! What can I do to stop being such a wreck?? It is so mind over matter and I am losing the battle.
Any ideas or comaraderie would be greatly appreciated.
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Anyone know where I can buy a single Hollowtech I (not hollowtech II!!) crank bolt?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I was thinking about getting this frame as an upgrade from my hardrock pro 2004.

Does anyone know if everything off the hardtail will be compatable with this new frame?

And is it good value at £449.99 instead of £700. Cheers!
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Free fall

X-posted to my journal

My workout bike ride finds me grinding up a killer hill to a park, then screaming down a winding fire road back to civilization.

The first time I rode my bicycle from my house to the park was nothing but agony. So was the second time, and the third, and the fourth.

Each uphill climb -- including today's -- presents a sinister, dark moment of self-doubt when I don't think I'll make it.

"My lungs aren't big enough. My legs aren't strong enough. My heart is too weak. Today I'll have to turn back."

No reward. No obvious reason to continue. Just pain. "Why am I doing this?"

But today I achieved a personal goal -- to ride to the top without stopping -- and I've found that the exhiliration of reaching the summit far outweighs the pain of the ascent.

I'm more than pleased that I persisted.

View from the top

View from the top
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On the way down, I startled a beautiful six-point buck that was grazing alongside the fire road. Since I had the speed advantage, I was able to keep up with him for a few moments as he leapt gracefully to my left side and just out of reach in front of me. It was a brief but magnificent "run" with a deer. Eventually he ducked into the trees and ran up a steep hillside.

Yup, today is a very good day!
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Anyone from Ohio?
I'm trying to find out what the best trail in ohio is.

Here are the trails I have done so far.
West Branch 6 out of 10
Quail Hollow 3 out of 10
Findley State Park 6 out of 10
Vulture's Knob 8 out of 10
Ray's Indoor MTB Park 10 out of 10
Alum Creek 5 out of 10
Atchinson 2 out of 10

I know Ohio has a bit of a bad reputation as a state to go mountain biking in, there are a few hidden gems.

Any thoughts?
Free fall

MTB Newbie

I'm new.

I'm from Southern California.

I ride really slowly.

I huff and puff on steep hills.

I have left chunks of my living flesh on the trail.

I'm loving it!

Oh, and I have some trail pictures on my journal. Please have a look.
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Thought i'd give a wee update seeing as i'm off to Fort William tomorrow! Bikes in a bit of a mess just now, needing to sort the B/B as its creeking and sounding horrible at the moment and the back hub is so loose its unreal, they'll be getting sorted tomorrow before I leave. Other than that it seems to be working perfectly, well it survived a 10 mile cycle there, so it aint a total loss. I'll put loads of pictures and update what the champs were like when I get back!
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